REVIEW – Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

As always with these blockbuster reviews, every care is taken to avoid spoilers. However, everyone’s definition or tolerance of a spoiler is different, so if you are particularly sensitive to spoilers read ahead at your own discretion.


Last week, I went and saw The Fate of the Furiousand during that viewing I was treated to what was essentially a big blockbuster that tried to deal with a lot of emotion regarding families – both adopted and real – that happened to have Vin Diesel in it.

Interestingly enough, this week, when I bought a ticket to Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, I was treated to what was essentially a big blockbuster that tried to deal with a lot of emotion regarding families – both adopted and real – that happened to have Vin Diesel in it. This difference being that in this one, the emotion hit the mark a lot harder. Also this one stars a raccoon. And a small plant.

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REVIEW – The Fate of the Furious


Well, it’s review time, and it’s time to talk about everyone’s favourite crime/ heist/spy/buddy cop franchise with sports cars forced in! It’s The Fate of the Furious!

For a franchise that began as Point Break with drag racing, this series has come a very long way. From about the fifth installment, this series began to stop taking itself so seriously and engaging in over-the-top stunts, resulting in a reasonably entertaining popcorn film factory, and for the most part this newest entry continues that trend. It’s not without it’s weaknesses, but it’s a fun time in the cinema.

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REVIEW – The LEGO Batman Movie


A few years ago, a small studio known as Warner Brothers announced that they were reviving their animation arm (which had been famously killed by Looney Tunes: Back in Action) and were beginning their new lease on cartoon life with a film based on LEGO, simply titled The LEGO Movie. 

How we laughed at the time. What a silly idea from the once great studio. Mentally we threw The LEGO Movie into a basket full of “misguided nostalgia” like The Smurfs and Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties. But then the movie came out and it…. was AWESOME! So, when an equally ludicrous spin-off – The LEGO Batman Movie – was announced, we all looked on with a degree of anticipation.

The end result is another big win for Warner Brothers, as the movie is almost as good as its predecessor.

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REVIEW – Beauty and the Beast


As the Disney juggernaut rolls on, the studio has released a live action adaptation of one of their most beloved animated films, Beauty and the Beast. And now, Another Bloody Critic invites you to be our guest and delve into the merits of this new retelling of a tale as old as time.

Disney have had mixed success with these live-action remakes of their classic catalogue, ranging from the outstanding success of last year’s The Jungle Book to the CGI mess that is the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland films. Beauty falls right in the middle of those two. Like Cinderella before it, this is a charming movie that takes almost no risks whatsoever.

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REVIEW – CATCH UP (Logan, King Kong, Trainspotting and more)


Hello readers! I must apologize. I did rather forget to update this thing for the longest time, I kept falling further and further behind and it became quite a mountain of reviews still to write that I missed. It’s become so overwhelming that I have decided to hit the reset button and just briefly go over all the films I missed a review from and let you know whether they are worth seeing. Some of them aren’t even in cinemas any more (oopsies) but this should help you out on Netflix night at any rate. Alright, let’s get started!

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REVIEW – Split


M. Night Shyamalan. Once he was one of Hollywood’s most exciting new directors. With thrillers like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs under his belt, the media was falling over itself to announce Shyamalan as the heir apparent to Steven Spielberg. But then, well, you know the history. A bunch of duds and a Last Airbender adaptation that is widely viewed as the worst film of the 21st century later, Shyamalan had become a punchline – a joke that was always there for writers of Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show.

Split has been billed as Shyamalan’s comeback film, and you know what, it isn’t half bad. It would not have the warm reception that it did had anyone else directed it, but it’s still far from a bad movie.

(Please note: I won’t spoil the customary Shyamalan twist in this review, and I’d appreciate if anyone choosing to use the comment section also follow this, in case someone hasn’t seen the film yet).

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REVIEW – Manchester by the Sea


I’m back again, racing frantically to catch up with all the reviews I haven’t been writing. Today, I’m here to talk about one of the most talked about films in the Oscar race – Manchester by the Sea. Granted, most of the talking has been due to the controversies surrounding star Casey Affleck, but more about that later.

This film has earned Oscar nominations for most of the cast and crew, and even a Best Picture nomination and when you watch the film – it shows. People talk about Oscar bait, and this is probably a prime example. Watchable, well-acted, even gripping at times, but definitely made with an eye on the Academy voters rather than a general audience.

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