REVIEW – Everybody Wants Some!


Filmmaker Richard Linklater is a guy who is known for creating School of Rock, along with a whole raft of films that you probably haven’t seen but that your weird cousin has assured you are masterpieces. So when he came out with a brand new movie this weekend, a spiritual sequel to one of those masterpieces that you haven’t seen (but have definitely quoted), Dazed and Confused, I decided to review that film instead of that Independence Day claptrap they brought out. So here’s a review for another movie no-one will watch!

I’ll say this about Everybody Wants Some – if you really enjoy watching footage from parties where all your friends are enjoying themselves, but wish that footage was made with Hollywood production values, and also occurred in a college in the 80’s, then this might be the film for you. If not, you may find yourself sporadically enjoying this movie, but ultimately not enjoying the whole package.

At least the parties had Hollywood quality production though – unlike some cinematic parties we’ve been forced to sit through.

The film follows Jake, a star baseball pitcher at a high-school level, who heads out to join a successful college baseball team. Arriving in the house he is to share with his teammates for his college career, Jake makes friends, drinks, smokes and parties. A lot. The film follows his first weekend leading up to his first classes of his first semester, and, to be honest, it’s a very busy weekend where nothing really interesting happens.

If you have seen Dazed and Confused, and if you have I applaud you and will be your lifelong friend, then you may recognize some familiar beats in this movie from that movie, which was clearly the point. But, it’s so obsessed with meeting every single one of them, that every beat feels a little bit off, and a whole lot more forced. Linklater, in this instance, was too interested in rewriting an old movie to concentrate on telling the story of this movie. To be fair, at times he finds his groove, and those moments are often filled with unexpected humour. But those moments are few and far between. And since he reverts back to copying his previous work so consistently, it invites comparisons between the two films.

So let’s compare! Two of the biggest draws of Dazed and Confused was the ensemble cast and the soundtrack. For this movie, the soundtrack is fine, but ultimately lacking in comparison. Honestly, Dazed and Confused featured tracks from Sweet, Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath. This movie had “Cotton-Eyed Joe”. And the cast is also lacking. For both films, Linklater cast a bunch of mostly unknowns, with the more experienced actors maybe having one or two acting credits to their name. But Dazed and Confused ultimately ended up with a charismatic cast full of hidden talents that would later strike big – Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, Jason London and Milla Jovovich included. The cast of this film won’t ever be that big. They have a guy from Glee though. Yay.

Ultimately, the characters in this film just aren’t interesting enough to fill a 2 hour movie with the same plot depth as most high school English assignments. And that’s a shame because Linklater hasn’t put a foot wrong for a very long time. Oh well, all good things come to an end, I guess.

credit14“All good things come to an end” is a perfectly good explanation for the continued existence of this garbage.

2.7/5 – A middling film with a few laughs here and there.



  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is only 6 months from release, so naturally fans were getting anxious because they didn’t know all of the plot points for the highly-anticipated film already. Never fear, Entertainment Weekly has a scoop for you. The villain of the story, based around the Rebellion’s efforts to steal the plans for the Death Star and set up the events of the original film (don’t call it a prequel though!) will, in fact, be Darth Vader, and not a random stormtrooper named Tim. In a surprise casting announcement, James Earl Jones (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Backs, Return of the Jedi) has been cast as the voice of Vader.


  • Star Wars isn’t the only property that Disney bought when they paid billions of dollars for Lucasfilm, so now talk has turned to future installments of the Indiana Jones franchise. Disney executives claim that 2019’s Indiana Jones 4 (Take 2) (or as they are calling it, Indiana Jones 5) is not intended to be a conclusion to the franchise, with 6th, 7th and potentially 8th installments to follow. So anyone who ever wanted to see Indy struggling through the jungle with a walking frame before having to struggle with a pacemaker failure, the year 2030 might be for you!


  • In a move that surprises approximately nobody, Ben Affleck’s upcoming directorial effort Live By Night has moved to the same release schedule that was given to this year’s The Revenant. Warner Bros and Ben Affleck apparently look forward to releasing a well-reviewed film that no-one goes to see because Star Wars has a movie out, only to lose the Oscar race to a well-meaning exploration of how horrible modern life is. Live by Night, a rare Ben Affleck film set in Boston, will premiere on Australian shores sometime early next year.


  • In animated films, Sony Pictures Animation have announced their upcoming slate of films to keep your children mildly amused for a few hours. The studio, home of classics such as Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Surf’s Up and Arthur Christmas, are set to release a third entry into the Hotel Transylvania franchise, shake up the Smurfs property by removing all those annoying humans from the film, and have also announced a Peter Rabbit adaptation and an animated Spider-Man film from the guys behind The LEGO Movie. But any goodwill from that announcement was lost when the added Emojimovie: Express Yourself. Based on the selection of Emojis you find in your text messages, the film will presumably follow a team up of the Laughing While Crying Face, The Dancing Lady, The Sassy Girl With The Hair Flick and the Smiling Piece of Poop as they solve some inconsequential problem. To avoid offending anyone, the villain will likely be an emoji nobody is using – such as that blue square with OK written on it.

Seriously, why does this even exist? It’s quicker to type “OK”

  • And finally, Michael Bay tried to get people excited for the upcoming film Transformers: The Last Knight by tweeting out a photo with himself and the newest Transformer – a Vespa named Sqweek. It didn’t work.

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