REVIEW – Sausage Party


Welcome back, readers! I’m back reviewing another movie for another week, and this week it is the delightful, cute and cuddly animated film Sausage Party. By delightful I, of course mean dark, cute translates to raunchy and cuddly is code for DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS. Just thought I’d get that one out right off the bat. In fact, just to slam that point home, my normally kid-friendly blog will temporarily become an MA15+ affair. Just to drill home the point. Seriously, don’t take your kids to this one, parents.

Well….. I did warn you

Sausage Party is actually the latest comedy offering from writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the writers behind some of the decade’s biggest comedy hits, including Superbad, Pineapple Express and the controversial banned film The Interview, which remains the biggest threat in recent year to the ongoing cease fire between North Korea and anyone else with a pulse.

This film is an animated parody of kid’s films like Toy Story, but instead focusing on supermarket produce. When a jar of Honey Mustard is returned to a supermarket, he begins to preach that humans, revered as Gods by the food of the supermarket, are actually monsters that will devour everyone. Everyone thinks he’s crazy, but his presence leads to a chain reaction that sees a sausage, Frank (Seth Rogen) and a bun, Brenda (Kristen Wiig) forced out of their packaging and into a mad dash to return to their shelf before they anger the Gods and lose their freshness. During their journey, shared by an array of eccentric foods, mostly acting as conduits for racial stereotypes (more on that later), Frank learns that the mad Honey Mustard was right and vows to warn the rest of the food and save their lives.

The voice cast is mostly a collection of Seth Rogen’s best friends, with Rogen and Wiig joined by Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and Paul Rudd, alongside stand-out performances by Salma Hayek and Edward Norton. The rest of the cast sort of do what they need to do but there’s not much to write home about either way.

You may have noticed that I’ve managed to write over 350 words so far without once determining whether or not the movie was any good. That’s because, honestly, I don’t know. At some points in this movie, I was busting a gut, rolling around in the aisles. In other sections of the film, including one notably gratuitous scene right before the end, my reaction was perhaps less enthusiastic.

Yep, that’s the one. Thanks for the demonstration Jack

I’m going to put a sentence here that I never thought I’d type out, let alone publish on the Internet, but here it goes. The racial stereotypes were very funny. There, I said it. I hate racism as much as the next man (even more than the next man if I happen to be standing next to a One Nation voter, I’d imagine), but the humour that they used in this case managed to work well. I think it’s because white people didn’t get off the hook. There were quite a few other hilarious montages, homages and running gags, but where the humour really fell apart for me was the sexual stuff. It was like, once the writers decided to do an adults-only cartoon, they felt the need to really drill home that it was for adults, with some gratuitous scenes that might be funny if you happen to be 15 and new to these sorts of words. There was also some satirical references to religion that may or may not play well depending on how sensitive you are to these sorts of things.

But overall, I imagine that this movie will play very well to anyone who is a big fan of Rogen’s style of comedy. It’s always been over-the-top and gratuitous, and the originality of this concept certainly elevates it to an above average ranking for one of his movies. So, yeah, enjoy the film folks.

3.4/5 – an original, if a bit silly, raunchy comedy

Again. I DID warn you. Just as gratuitous as the movie!




  • Yes, I forgot to post a review last week. Yes, I saw a movie anyway. I saw Lights Out, it was scary as hell. I give it 3.2/5 and it gave me a lifelong fear of flickering lamp posts. So yeah, now you know.


  • In serious news, Kenny Baker, the actor inside R2-D2 in the Star Wars films, passed away at age 81 over the weekend. Baker also appeared in cult classics such as Willow and Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits, and his loss is a sad one for the entire film industry. RIP Kenny Baker.


  • While we’re on Star Wars, YOU GUYS! THERE WAS A NEW ROGUE ONE TRAILER THIS WEEK. The trailer showed a lot of action scenes and was described by some as “like Saving Private Ryan in space”. Whatever it was, it looks awesome, and you can find me at the cinema every week until December wishing I was watching Rogue One instead of whatever nonsense I paid for this week.


  • One movie that I haven’t reviewed, and probably won’t, is Suicide Squad, the divisive new entry into the DC Cinematic Universe that I lost all hope in earlier this year with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite my own views on the franchise, the film has had some very good news and some very bad news financially. The good news is that the film broke the record for opening weekend Box Office in August, demolishing the record set by Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014. The bad news, is that it fell by 67% in it’s second weekend, a result that would be unprecedented if Batman v Superman hadn’t done exactly the same thing in February. The DC Cinematic Universe continues with next year’s Wonder Woman, which no doubt looks forward to its own one week of being a popular film.


  • If there’s any story that’s been told too often, it’s probably that one your grandmother tells about the cute young male hairdresser who told her how lovely she looked the other week when she went in. Fortunately, that isn’t being made into a movie, but the 2nd most overtold story is, and that’s the legend of Robin Hood. Although, this new Robin Hood is going to be different. Producer Gianni Nunnari, who was responsible for the subtle sword-and-sandles flick 300, has set plans in motion to make a Robin Hood movie set in a futuristic London, which for anyone aware of the original Robin Hood tale, is a strange time period indeed. How London ends up under the grip of Nottingham law enforcement and why bow and arrows have superceded guns is not yet clear, but I’m sure the futuristic tights will be lovely to watch anyway. Robin Hood. In. Spaaaaaaaaaaace. (probable working title) has not had a release date set yet and hopefully never will.


  • Antoine Fuqua’s new movie The Magnificent Seven is coming out very soon, and the Training Day director already has another remake lined up for his next film. According to Deadline, Fuqua is in talks to create a new version of Scarface. The original Scarface was released in 1932 and was produced by Howard Hawks, making the popular Scarface film with Al Pacino a remake itself, but people like that particular film and dammit Hollywood, remakes are always a bad thing! Nonetheless, the new Scarface is probably a sure bet to be made, so, whatever. Let it fly!

Fly pelican, fly!

  • Hey guys, do you like primates (of the non-human variety)? Of course you do! That’s great, because primates are the stars of some of the most hotly anticipated films of the next couple of years, including War of the Planet of the Apes and Kong: Skull Island. However, be prepared, monkey lovers, because the greatest simian of all time is coming. Yes, someone is making a film about the adventures of children’s character Curious George! No-one knows when the tickets are available, but I will definitely let you know when I find out. Because everyone needs to see a CGI monkey whenever the opportunity arises! Who cares about original content and powerful grounded performaces? WE WANT MONKEYS! WE WANT MONKEYS! WE WANT MONKEYS!

That includes you, Marvel. Give us Hit-Monkey!


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