REVIEW – Moonlight


Moonlight is one of the front-runners in this year’s Oscar race, and would probably be a heavy favourite to take home the main prize if it weren’t for the juggernaut of La La LandA deeply personal story, this is a film that has gotten a whole lotta praise from a whole lot of people.

In fact, Time Out New York called it “the reason we go to the cinema” and Rolling Stone were so enthralled that they left the theatre “as different people than we’d come in”. High praise indeed, but does Moonlight live up to the hype?

And while Moonlight is a fantastically acted and directed film – no, I don’t think it lives up to praise that is that high. I’m not sure, however, that any film can.

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REVIEW – The Edge of Seventeen


Well, I’m back from Christmas break folks, and it’s time to start the long and arduous search for the greatest films of 2017. And boy, do we have one big contender coming in to start off the calendar year.

Yesterday, The Edge of Seventeen was battling for the chance to win a handful of silverware at the Golden Globe Awards. Today, it has the far more prestigious honour of being reviewed by yours truly. And yours truly thinks that this was a film that definitely deserved the Golden Globes love and may even gain some Oscar consideration.

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Scandinavian Film Festival – Þrestir (Sparrows)


Welcome back to my coverage of a selection from the Scandinavian Film Festival AUS. This week it’s the Icelandic film Þrestir or Sparrows, the English translation which I will be using throughout the movie because it doesn’t contain that hard to type Þ character. Seriously, it’s not on my keyboard at all. I’ve got this at my disposal though – ^. So that’s handy. I use ^ all the time when I’m writing.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Sparrows is one of the more harrowing movies that you could possibly go to see. This isn’t a fun way to kill an afternoon. This isn’t a movie that requires popcorn, or a choc-top, or whatever the kids order these days. This movie is dark, unflinching, and unapologetic. And if you’re able to handle it, then it’s going to be a very emotional ride. Very. Emotional.

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REVIEW – Sing Street

sing street

Are you guys ready to learn about what could potentially be the greatest film of 2016. Of course you’re not, you want to hear about Ghostbusters this week! You’re a sensible adult who reads Twitter and knows what’s trending. Well, TOUGH! The Ghostbusters review in on another page. This is Sing Street. And I. Loved. This. Movie.

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