REVIEW – Manchester by the Sea


I’m back again, racing frantically to catch up with all the reviews I haven’t been writing. Today, I’m here to talk about one of the most talked about films in the Oscar race – Manchester by the Sea. Granted, most of the talking has been due to the controversies surrounding star Casey Affleck, but more about that later.

This film has earned Oscar nominations for most of the cast and crew, and even a Best Picture nomination and when you watch the film – it shows. People talk about Oscar bait, and this is probably a prime example. Watchable, well-acted, even gripping at times, but definitely made with an eye on the Academy voters rather than a general audience.

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REVIEW – Paterson


Jim Jarmusch is one of those very artistic directors whose films always seem very much targeted at a niche audience. His latest film, Paterson, is definitely another example of this.

This is a quiet film, a thoughtful film, a film that perhaps demands to be seen in a silent room (that means SILENT, lady in the row in front of me jangling your jewelry about!) and if you’re willing to give the movie some time to grow, it becomes a very bittersweet, beautiful, funny and sad film, all rolled into one.

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