REVIEW – Beauty and the Beast


As the Disney juggernaut rolls on, the studio has released a live action adaptation of one of their most beloved animated films, Beauty and the Beast. And now, Another Bloody Critic invites you to be our guest and delve into the merits of this new retelling of a tale as old as time.

Disney have had mixed success with these live-action remakes of their classic catalogue, ranging from the outstanding success of last year’s The Jungle Book to the CGI mess that is the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland films. Beauty falls right in the middle of those two. Like Cinderella before it, this is a charming movie that takes almost no risks whatsoever.

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REVIEW – La La Land

This is an advanced review where I saw a movie before the official release date, with thanks to the Moonlight Cinema. La La Land will release in all theaters across Australia on December 26th.


Well, folks, Oscar season appears to have well and truly arrived on Australian soil with this one. Damien Chazelle, the director of the highly acclaimed drama Whiplash, has turned his attention to the musicals of the old Hollywood era and brought the style back in a big way in La La Land – currently the hot favourite to win Best Picture at the Oscars.

And should it fulfill that win it will be a very well deserved win. It’s a beautiful movie, expertly crafted and full of vibrant colours, wonderful performances and memorable music. Now, I love a good musical, I really do. I know some (a lot of) people do not. I’d say that this is a musical that is accessible to anyone except the most ardent and stubborn haters of the genre, and it will hopefully be a film that sees the medium have something of a resurgence. I don’t know why we haven’t gotten more musicals recently.

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REVIEW – Sing Street

sing street

Are you guys ready to learn about what could potentially be the greatest film of 2016. Of course you’re not, you want to hear about Ghostbusters this week! You’re a sensible adult who reads Twitter and knows what’s trending. Well, TOUGH! The Ghostbusters review in on another page. This is Sing Street. And I. Loved. This. Movie.

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