Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney and Roald Dahl. It sounds like a match made in heaven – three storytelling giants who, at least in vision, live on today. So when they all come together, for Disney’s The BFG directed by Spielberg, we really should be in for a treat. And, you are – if you’re willing to stick through just over an hour of a complete mess to get there. The final act of this film is really, really good.

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REVIEW – Everybody Wants Some!


Filmmaker Richard Linklater is a guy who is known for creating¬†School of Rock, along with a whole raft of films that you probably haven’t seen but that your weird cousin has assured you are masterpieces. So when he came out with a brand new movie this weekend, a spiritual sequel to one of those masterpieces that you haven’t seen (but have definitely quoted),¬†Dazed and Confused,¬†I decided to review that film instead of that Independence Day claptrap they brought out. So here’s a review for another movie no-one will watch!

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REVIEW: Finding Dory


Pixar Studios. The home of a whole range of very, very good films, a handful of good films, and Cars 2. For the 4th time in the studios history, we’ve received a sequel to an original Pixar film, which for many is a cause for concern. While Pixar have had some fantastic movies, any sequel not titled Toy Story tends to disappoint. Monsters University was inferior to the superb Monsters Inc, and the aforementioned Cars 2 was the worst thing human kind ever produced. So when Pixar came out with a sequel to what is, in my mind, the second best Pixar film ever made (and that’s saying something), I was worried.

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