REVIEW – Thor: Rangarok

Note from the author: With big budget movie releases, particularly the highly anticipated, comes a lot of angst about spoilers. Every care has been taken to keep major reveals and plot points away from this review, but everyone has a different spoiler tolerance, so if you are particularly sensitive, this review may not be for you. Thankyou and enjoy the movies!


With the Marvel Cinematic Universe going at full strength, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find that their latest offering is an absolute gem. But it’s somehow a surprise when that movie is a Thor movie. Aside from The Incredible Hulk, Thor has created the most headaches for the executives at Marvel and Disney, with the previous entries – Thor and Thor: The Dark World – failing to resonate with wider audiences in the way Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America have. But Ragnarok is a welcome change from this pattern, with the film rising to be one of the best offerings the MCU has crafted.

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REVIEW – Doctor Strange

NOTE: While every effort has been taken to avoid spoilers in this review, everyone has a different level of spoiler tolerance, so if you are particularly “spoilerphobic”, read on at your own risk.


And it’s that time, once again, to review the latest entry into the ever-growing cinematic juggernaut that is the Marvel Universe. Now into the 3rd “phase” of the story, the Marvel Universe has been populated with super-soldiers, radioactive rage beasts, the Nordic God of Thunder and, of course, a sentient space tree. But if you thought that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was already as weird as it could possibly get, Doctor Strange has arrived to introduce a mystic society of sorcerers whose job is to protect the Earth from any and all threats that have the audacity to arrive via an entirely different dimension.

And despite adding so many bizarre elements that Star Wars now looks like a documentary in comparison, somehow Disney and Marvel have teamed up to make this thing work, again. It may not be Marvel’s best, but it’s still a damn good movie.

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