REVIEW – The Fate of the Furious


Well, it’s review time, and it’s time to talk about everyone’s favourite crime/ heist/spy/buddy cop franchise with sports cars forced in! It’s The Fate of the Furious!

For a franchise that began as Point Break with drag racing, this series has come a very long way. From about the fifth installment, this series began to stop taking itself so seriously and engaging in over-the-top stunts, resulting in a reasonably entertaining popcorn film factory, and for the most part this newest entry continues that trend. It’s not without it’s weaknesses, but it’s a fun time in the cinema.

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REVIEW – Central Intelligence


Kevin Hart is an interesting name when it comes to movies. As a comedian, the man is one of the best in the business, but on film, he’s not really clicked with a really good film. Sure, films like Ride Along and Think Like A Man have a specific audience, and I’m sure they enjoy those films very much – hence why we get inundated with sequels for them. But none of his films have become universally loved outside of his fanbase. So now, he comes in with Central Intelligence. And it’s probably still not going to be a universal hit (although it’s made money for Universal Studios, so there’s an argument there to be made. Ha ha ha. I’m so funny.)

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