89th Academy Award Nominations – The “Ultimate” Guide

Note, due to the Australian release schedules of many of the movies nominated for an Academy Award, at this stage I cannot honestly claim to have seen all of the movies that have been nominated. As such, this is more of a style guide to help you sound smart at the water cooler today, rather than a true prediction. This page will be updated with more information as I see more movies.


It’s that time of year, ladies and gentlemen, as the awards season slowly comes to a head with the 89th Academy Awards, honoring the best films of 2016. Who got nominated? What category did they get nominated for? And has anyone actually seen any of the nominees for Best Live Action Short Film? Find out, as I take you through the nominees step by step.

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THE TOP 10 FILMS OF 2016 (According To Me).

Well folks, we reached the end of 2016. And well…. it sucked. In many, many ways, 2016 was not a great year. The number of amazing films, particularly in the blockbuster department, was lacking compared to recent years. The number of great film and entertainment personalities to pass away was horrifying. And in the real world, outside of movies, well – let’s just say that I’m very much hoping for an improvement in 2017. Never know your luck.

That said, not here today to moan about the sorry state of this calendar year. We’re here to celebrate! Because even in a weak year, there’s always far more than 10 movies that were absolutely fantastic, so any movie that makes it into my Top 10 list is deserving of all the praise it can get. And I have 10 fantastic movies to show off for you today.

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REVIEW – Hacksaw Ridge


Alright team, time to begin the review for this week, and it’s a pretty incredible movie. Hacksaw Ridge is the latest film by Hollywood’s favourite anti-Semite Mel Gibson, whose bad behaviour has sadly overshadowed this movie in the lead up to the release. And that’s a shame, not because Mel Gibson doesn’t deserve some flack for the things he’s said and done over the years, but because this movie really does deserve to be seen by as many people as possible.

If anyone has followed my blog for a while, you know I have a soft spot for movies like Deepwater Horizon and Sully, where stories of good and selfless people get shared for the world to see. Hacksaw Ridge is probably the best example of one of these stories that you are ever going to witness.

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