THE TOP 10 FILMS OF 2016 (According To Me).

Well folks, we reached the end of 2016. And well…. it sucked. In many, many ways, 2016 was not a great year. The number of amazing films, particularly in the blockbuster department, was lacking compared to recent years. The number of great film and entertainment personalities to pass away was horrifying. And in the real world, outside of movies, well – let’s just say that I’m very much hoping for an improvement in 2017. Never know your luck.

That said, not here today to moan about the sorry state of this calendar year. We’re here to celebrate! Because even in a weak year, there’s always far more than 10 movies that were absolutely fantastic, so any movie that makes it into my Top 10 list is deserving of all the praise it can get. And I have 10 fantastic movies to show off for you today.

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REVIEW – Moana

In a dramatic departure for this page, this review is actually being published prior to everyone already seeing the movie. Thanks to Event Cinemas, I was able to catch an advance screening of Moana, but this film does not hit Australian theatres until Boxing Day.


It’s been a very interesting year for animated movies. Earlier in the year, before I even reviewed movies beyond commenting on Facebook posts and annoying my friends with my thoughts on movies they weren’t even contemplating seeing, I saw Disney’s Zootopia. On the conclusion of that movie, I was convinced that I’d just seen the best animated movie of the year. I was prepared to hand an Oscar to the film immediately. Yet somehow, miraculously, Zootopia is now the clear 3rd best animated movie of the year.

What is less clear is what is the best animated movie of the year. The options are this film, and Kubo and the Two Strings. All I know is that one of those movies will take home the Animated Oscar, and I will be very happy for it, while also being disappointed for the one that doesn’t take it home. Anad that is very high praise indeed.

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