Scandinavian Film Festival – Under Sandet (Land of Mine)


Well, the 3rd entry in my Scandinavian Film Festival series here, and this is probably the most “mainstream” movie that’s come up yet. By “mainstream”, I don’t mean “has explosions, superheroes and Samuel L. Jackson”, but I mean that it feels like a movie that could have been made by a Hollywood studio in Oscar season. Well, except for one key difference – this is a movie that is sympathetic to German soldiers and POWs… in World War II. And it’s entirely justified in doing so.

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Scandinavian Film Festival – Þrestir (Sparrows)


Welcome back to my coverage of a selection from the Scandinavian Film Festival AUS. This week it’s the Icelandic film Þrestir or Sparrows, the English translation which I will be using throughout the movie because it doesn’t contain that hard to type Þ character. Seriously, it’s not on my keyboard at all. I’ve got this at my disposal though – ^. So that’s handy. I use ^ all the time when I’m writing.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Sparrows is one of the more harrowing movies that you could possibly go to see. This isn’t a fun way to kill an afternoon. This isn’t a movie that requires popcorn, or a choc-top, or whatever the kids order these days. This movie is dark, unflinching, and unapologetic. And if you’re able to handle it, then it’s going to be a very emotional ride. Very. Emotional.

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Scandinavian Film Festival – Yarden (The Yard)


Ok, readers, it’s time to cover a selection of films from Australia’s Scandinavian Film Festival, currently in my hometown of Adelaide, and running in various locations around the country until early August (check online to see if your town is still to come!). The first film on my schedule was the Swedish film Yarden (English title: The Yard) and it’s an…. interesting film. Interesting is definitely the adjective I’d use.

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